Rent a car is one of the decisions that many people make when they are on vacation, especially for the freedom of travel and schedules offered. However, renting the wrong car or not reading the fine print of the rental contract can make the trip come to a surprise.

  1. You rent a category, not a specific car

When it comes to renting a car, think about the car you need. Look at the type of vehicle, the number of seats or the capacity of the trunk but not the brand or model. When you book a vehicle you are shown a category, not a specific car. When you pick it up at your destination they will give you one with similar characteristics but it does not have to be the same one you have booked.

  1. Check the vehicle

Before picking up the vehicle it is important that you inspect it in detail. Make sure it is in perfect condition. In the case that you notice a scratch or blow, take photos and leave it in writing in the contract so that they do not take responsibility from you and make you pay for the repair costs.

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  1. Licensed drivers

Only the drivers that appear in the contract are entitled to drive the car and therefore covered by the insurance. Adding one or more additional drivers has a cost per person per day. Make sure that you only declare those who are really going to drive and only drive those that have been declared.

  1. Comply with the fuel policy

At the time of returning the car you must read carefully the clause in which you specify in what state you have to return the fuel tank. Companies can offer you the option of choosing which fuel policy you want to receive or impose one of them. There are some more advantageous than others so if you can choose make sure it is the one that allows you to save the most.

  1. Do not pass kilometers

Depending on the company with which you hire the car you can find that you have limited the number of kilometers you can make. In the event that you are going to travel long distances the best option is to rent a car that allows you to travel all the kilometers you want without having to be aware of the odometer and how much you should pay more if you exceed the limit.

  1. Check the schedules

Check the hours of service of the offices where you will pick up and leave the vehicle. If your arrival at the destination is already late at night or if you leave at dawn it is important to know that those of the airports and train stations are usually the ones that remain the longest.

  1. Supplements

If you do not want the rental price to skyrocket you should avoid hiring additional accessories, deliver the car after hours or breach the fuel policy. Another aspect that you should pay attention to is that of additional drivers. These are some of the factors that are charged additionally and that can cause the invoice to skyrocket.

  1. Drive insurance

The price of a rental car includes the obligatory insurance of civil responsibility (only covers the damages that occasions to a third party) but you can include some more. There are companies that before confirming the reservation of the vehicle offer the option of adding an insurance of reimbursement of Franchise (also known as coverage of total protection). If you have this policy, you do not need to take out the All Risk without Excess insurance that you will be offered safely when you pick up the vehicle, as you would be doubling coverage.