If you’ve been considering moving your family to a beautiful, safe area with rich history, good schools and a strong economy, Suffolk, Virginia might just be the perfect place for you. While the commonwealth of Virginia as a whole is known for its recession-resilient economy, business-friendly environment and abundance of family-friendly activities, Suffolk provides a unique cultural twist and a great environment for kids. To learn more about four great reasons Suffolk could be the place to call home, read on.

1. It’s Got a Great Location

If you don’t want the craziness of city life but still want to be near big metro areas, Suffolk fits the bill. With its prime location in the Hampton Roads area of the southeastern Tidewater coast, Suffolk holds abundant small-town charm while being just a short drive to the major cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk. You can enjoy a weekend at the beach, a stroll through the downtown or a retreat in nature. For instance, the Great Dismal Swamp, home to a large wildlife population, offers lovers of the outdoors the perfect recreational opportunity.

2. Its History Is Rich

History buffs will be interested to know that Suffolk dates all the way back to the Jamestown settlements! You can still see traces of colonial times around town today, and for a fun family field trip, the preserved historical town of Williamsburg is only a short drive away.

3. The Housing Is Affordable

Unlike other parts of the country and even other parts of Virginia, the cost of housing won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket in Suffolk. In fact, the city as a whole is affordable and regularly ranked as one of Virginia’s best cities for young families based on quality education, opportunities for growth and home affordability. Better yet, if you want to build your dream home from scratch, you can easily find Suffolk land for sale and make the town your own.

4. It’s Got Abundant Local Southern Cuisine

If you’ve got a taste for Southern fare, you’ll be thrilled to know that Suffolk is home to some top-notch home-style cooking. Whether you love fried chicken, homemade ice cream or even more coastal delights like sweet tea and crab cakes, you’re sure to find restaurants and farmer’s markets in Suffolk that’ll delight your taste buds.

When you’re looking for a place to settle down, it can be hard to find an area that offers good schools, vibrant history and a prime location. Suffolk, Virginia happens to have all three. If you’re searching for the perfect family home, consider giving Suffolk a look.