Winter weather can cause trouble for diesel trucks, especially if the temperature is below freezing. One particular issue is starting the engine and keeping it running. Here are a few tips to get it to turn over.

Heat the Engine Cylinders

One step to try is to warm up the cylinders with the intake heater. Using the battery, the heater blows hot air at the engine until the truck is ready to start. Turn the key once then wait for a few moments. The glow coils will activate also so you must allow time for those to get ready. Flip the ignition again to see if the engine will start with this method.

Glow Coils

This option is much like the heater but instead of warming the cylinders, this pull the hot air into the combustion chamber. You begin the same as the previous step by twisting the key once. An indicator light will direct you to wait to start. When it disappears, turn the key again. If it fails to turn over right away, shut it off and try again. Be aware that both the glow coils and the heater pull from the battery so conserve that energy source.

Block Heater

This process is a way to heat the engine block. However, it takes more time than the other two procedures. Find the plug for the block heater next to the engine of your truck and weave it through the grill. Plug one end of an extension cord into it and insert the other side into the wall. It will take a couple hours until the truck is ready to start. Do the same steps as you did for the glow coils. If you still have issues with the vehicle turning over, you will need to call a garage for help.