There are ample AutoCAD alternatives available in the market. The article focuses on enlightening the most known AutoCAD alternative, primarily available for students and educators. The choice avails all the dimensions which are essential for any educational sector.

Vectorworks And ConnectCAD specific For Students and Educators

Vectorworks is not accessible for everyone, but if you are a student or an educator, you can use it for free. If you are a student, you can visit the Vectorworks Academic Portal to get a free academic license for the alternative. If you are a professor, you can also avail of academic support as well by the same method.

Also, search for an AutoCAD software alternative for an entire class or school and any educational sector. Users may be able to get a free version – go to the education page to learn more about the alternative.

So, what is actually Vectorworks AutoCAD alternative?

 It is a complete design, sketch, as well as modelling tool. While users can’t use it directly with AutoCAD software, but you can indeed import files you created with AutoCAD.

However, you will need the ConnectCAD add-on for the utilization of the alternative. It allows the users for a hybrid 2D and 3D modelling environment, enabling you to import and export DXF and DWG files.

 A Word About Pirated CAD Software

In addition to some free CAD software options, various pirated versions of premium CAD software floating around the dark web.

It is illegal to use pirated software. Many websites that offer pirated software sneak malware, adware, and viruses into the download packages, and you may be downloading some awful stuff along with the pirated software.

If you continue using the pirated software version, it is said that you won’t be eligible for any of the updates.

If you are in search of an AutoCAD software tool for one-time usage, we would especially recommend opting for one that offers a free trial and satisfy your requirements. In addition to some of the software in the below list that offers trials for their premium versions, you can also search many other premium CAD software that provides free trials, such as:

  • Draft sight
  • Bricscad
  • Intellicad
  • Progecad